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Discover a new and different way to configure your scuba tanks with the PADI Specialty Lateral Configuration Dive. This training gives you:

  • An alternative way to be hydrodynamic underwater.
  • Easier transport of the equipment out of the water.
  • The reduction of tension on the lower back.
  • An independent backup gas supply.
  • The possibility of controlling all the equipment since it is in front of you.
  • A larger gas reserve for longer dives.

As the tank passes from your back to your side, instantly back pressure is eliminated and you have more freedom of movement to enjoy diving even more. In addition, you do not have to walk to the dive site carrying the tanks on your back. You get in the water, fix them on yourself and you're ready


You can easily combine any PADI Specialty with a lateral configuration of the scuba tanks.


Price : CHF 400.-


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