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Peak Performance Buoyancy


What is neutral buoyancy? This is the preferred state of divers, because they do not sink or float, which is not always easy to do. Divers who master it perfectly are different, you recognize them underwater, they slide effortlessly, consume less air, go down, up or stay between two waters naturally, without even thinking about it. They interact positively with aquatic life and have minimal impact on the environment around them. The Buoyancy Control Specialty allows you to work on and perfect the basic techniques learned in the PADI Open Water Diver course.

You will learn:

  • How to configure your diving equipment - to be perfectly balanced underwater.
  • Adjust the weights/ballast precisely - so that it is neither too heavy nor too light, even a few grams.
  • Hydrodynamics - to save air and move easily underwater.
  • Make the ludion effortlessly - in both vertical and horizontal position.


Price : CHF 250.-


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