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Ice Diver


If extreme, unusual and challenging scuba diving scenarios appeal to you, try diving under the ice. Ice diving is one of the most adventurous scuba specialties because you confront conditions and see beauty few others ever experience. Plus, you might get a chance to play with your exhaled bubbles on the bottom of the ice. Flash your PADI Ice Diver certification card to get instant respect, and usually a lot of questions from other divers about what it’s like under the ice.

You will do a minimum of three ice training dives as part of your certification. Dives are organized with a group of people who work together as assistants, divers, surface safety, safety divers. Under the ice, you will learn buoyancy control, underwater orientation and how to keep in touch with the guides underwater and on the surface through signs and pulling on lines.

You need to be a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver who is at least 18 years old to enroll in the Ice Diver course.

Teamwork is essential for ice diving, so you’ll start by learning the roles and responsibilities of support personnel, tenders and safety divers. You also discuss types of ice, site selection and prepartion, the effects of cold, emergency procedures and handling equipment issues. During three closely supervised ice dives, you’ll practice:

  • Using specialized ice diving equipment and safety lines.
  • Signals and communications along with line tending and line-securing techniques.
  • Handling problems and safety diver procedures.
  • The planning and organization of ice dives.
  • Reasons and opportunities to dive under ice.
  • Equipment considerations.
  • Site selection, preparation and cutting of ice.
  • Procedures and techniques to manage the problems and risks of ice diving.
  • The use of specific equipment, lifelines, signals, communication, safety line operating procedures.
  • Management of material problems
  • Cold weather effects, emergency and safety procedures.


Price : CHF 350.-


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