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Dry Suit Diver


Do you want to stay comfortably warm during a dive? Then dive into the dry. Unlike a wet suit, a dry suit isolates you from outside water and keeps you warm! Even in very cold water.

You will learn the knowledge and techniques to put on, dive with, remove and store a dry suit and discover the different types of coveralls in order to make an informed choice if you are considering buying a dry suit:

  • Buoyancy control techniques in dry suits.
  • The basic maintenance, storage and repair of a dry suit.
  • Underwear options (fleece and different types of protection covered under the dry suit).

The practical techniques you will master during the course:

  • Familiarity with the dry suit
  • Safety check
  • Launching techniques
  • Buddy controle
  • Floatability control
  • Descent techniques
  • Pivot on fins
  • Hover
  • Techniques to control air excess in the boots
  • Controle techniques for a blocked inflation valve
  • Controle techniques for a blocked purge
  • Ascending procedure
  • Remove and replace your suit and weights at the surface
  • Techniques for coming out of the water
  • Remove, store and maintain a dry suit
The price includes teaching materials, PADI certification and the loan of a waterproof suit.
Price : CHF 350.-
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