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PADI Specialities


Fare Moana offers you various PADI Specialties that will allow you to gain experience and recognition in specific diving fields, such as : 

Deep Diver CHF 400.-
Enriched Air Diver CHF 350.-
Dry Suit CHF 350.-
Underwater Navigation CHF 300.-
Night Diver CHF 300.-
Peak Performance Buoyancy CHF 250.-
Recherche et récupération d'objets CHF 250.-
Plongée en altitude CHF 300.-
Ice Diver CHF 350.-
Underwater Photographer CHF 400.-
Boat Diver CHF 250.-
Wreck Diver CHF 300.-
Drift Diver CHF 250.-
O2 Provider CHF 300.-
Multilevel Diver CHF 300.-
Equipment Specialist CHF 200.-
Naturalisme sous-marin CHF 200.-
Project AWARE CHF 150.-
Protection des récifs coralliens CHF 150.-
Identification de poissons CHF 150.-
Sidemount CHF 400.-
Gas Blender Nitrox CHF 300.-
Underwater Videographer CHF 320.-


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