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Professional training courses

Love your job, live your lifestyle and enjoy your freedom!

Have a life worth living: Become a PADI Professional. You'll do things others only dream about. Whether you work in a local dive school, a dive centre or on a dive cruise ship, the adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you, just take the chance.

Imagine a job that you can't wait until you come back in the morning. Sailing under incredible sunsets can become the norm; this is no exception, especially if you work in a tropical destination. Getting to work can be as easy as a ten-minute boat ride, and your job can become an adventure.

Or think about living your dream closer to home and working in a local PADI dive centre where you teach diving and supervise dive trips to exotic destinations. You will have the pleasure of sharing your passion while helping others enrich their lives through the adventure of diving.

It is about transformation - yours and that of the people around you. As a PADI professional, you have the power to make a difference - transforming student progress into passion, fear into courage, abandonment into achievement, and shyness into trust. You open your divers' eyes to the underwater world, introduce them to animated coral reefs and watch them breathe underwater for the first time.


If, like us, you want to share your passion for diving, don't hesitate and sign up now!


The PADI Pro-Level courses will:

- Help you develop your knowledge of diving theory;

- Teach you how to use the PADI system in protected environment exercises, developing theoretical knowledge and training in open water;

- Offer global career opportunities;

- Expand your knowledge of diving equipment;

- Enables you to meet and communicate with dive professionals from all over the world;

- Offers you options for further professional development;

- Enables you to discover your passion and share it!




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