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Whether you want to take a first breath underwater or choose your next PADI Specialty, you will find the right course for you here.
Tec diving is the "extreme sport" of scuba diving that takes experienced divers to much deeper depths than conventional recreational diving.
Want to share your passion? Make diving your profession thanks to our professional diving and first aid training.
Be prepared to act in case of an emergency not only in the world of diving, but also in your daily life with your family, friends, neighbours and co-workers.
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Some of the most experienced instructors you can find anywhere in the world work at Fare Moana. The entire team is here to provide you with the best recreational and professional training.

As a PADI diver, you have the most prestigious and recognized diving license in the world. No matter where you dive, your PADI diver's card is recognized and accepted.

Choose from a wide range of PADI courses leading to a diver's card and a variety of flexible study options including online courses (e-learning) to suit your busy schedule.


We are proud to offer the following PADI diving courses:


Youth Diving






Leisure Diving


Professional Trainings

Tec Diving

First Aid (EFR / Emergency First Response)

Primary Care & Secondry Care
Care for children
CPR & AED Training
EFR Refresher
Oxygene Provider

The Fare Moana team is able to offer these courses in different languages:


Fare Moana is also the only PADI diving centre in Europe that can train hearing impaired people with sign language.


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